Paul Gribov

Vita / Lebenslauf:

Ich wurde 1984 in der russischen Stadt Sankt Petersburg geboren. Bereits als Kind zeichnete und malte ich wie ein Fanatiker oder Besessener, im Alter von 10 Jahren sah man erste gravierende Unterschiede zu den Bildern von Gleichaltrigen. im Alter von 12 Jahren war ich im stande fast altmeisterlich zu malen, im sinne von details, wirkung und aufwand
Im Jahre 1998 verliess meine Familie Russland und ich kam ohne geringste Sprachkenntnisse nach Deutschland, wo ich lange Schullaufbahn hinter mir hatte, von Hauptschule bis hin zum bayerischen Abitur, jetzt bin ich Kunststudent und werde es noch viel weiter bringen. Im Laufe der Letzen paar Jahre malte ich jeden tag bis zu 12 Stunden an meinen aufwändigen Werken und schuf ca 30 davon innerhalb weniger Jahre. Ich habe ein enormes Vorstellungsvermögen und male oft und gerne ohne Vorlagen aus dem Kopf. Meine Kunst würde ich dem Surrealismus oder fantastischer Kunst zuordnen, habe aber einige wenige abstrakte Werke. Ich bin kein Realist, zumindest noch nicht jetzt, strebe an, mehr in Richtung Salvador Dali zu gehen,
Ich interessiere mich sehr für Computerspiele und Grafik und es spiegelt sich in meinen zahlreichen Bildern wieder. Ich male gerne Motive aus populären Pc und Konsolenspielen

So I deceidet to write my whole biography in english, so, much more people around the word will be able to understand the true background of my art.
I was born 27.11.1984 in a epic russian City Sankt-Petersburg as a son of engineur Alexey Gribov and software developer Alvira Achtiamova.
Already as a small child I became faszinated and interessted in art.
My first painting I made without any instruction at the age of only one year.It was more instinkt behind it,due to this fact I regard myself as a natureborn painter. At the age of about 9 years I made groundbreaking achivements in my art, using light and shadows, aswell as perspektive and my artworks became extremely distinguishable from works of fellow childern,so parallels to picasso can be observed.Unlike Picasso i wasn,t able to paint like Raphael, but about half as good. At the age of 12 i was able to paint like somone who is over 30 Years. First I consentrated on landscapes, than I begann to work with oil colours, without any knowledge about materia and technique. Noone ever taught me how to paint, how to use oil colors, how to draw, I found it out by just practise a lot through my whole live.
In the year 1998 my family left russia behind and movet to Germany as a legal emigrants with jewish background. My father has found a work as engineer in Munich, so we moved to Eching, a uburban town near Munich, where my first lager oil paintings were created.
Now I live in Munich city center and study arts and English as well, so i have not the time to paint 10 hours a day.
I regard my self as entertaining and unique, my art is very extraordinary, maybe I will reach the top of artist pyramid. A few people call me genious, but Im only talendet and yet not genious, but my dream is to create something never seen before, and I will do this, i swear by my russian blood! I try to paint as good as posible, working in several layers on each single object on my picture. Im also a technical perfektionist, also a writer, a passioned gamer and visionar and thinker. I guess one day I will make a breakthrough in my art. I saw to much of untalented artist in galleries, and tried to be better then them, im not supperior and gread as Dali,Picasso,da Vinci, but i got my qualities, and hope, that people will recognize the beauty of my paintings and expressionism of my creations. I never satisfied with my own art, but i have developed the delusion of grandeur over the last few years, i regard Salvador Dali as my Idol, but im trying hard to create a completely new kind of Surrealism, my own surrealism. I try to paint in tradition of old masters of Renaisance, combining it with top modern themes such technology, gaming, experience of mental illnes and more. Dont blame me if you coult not understand the meaning of my pictures, even I dont know exactly what do they mean. If you want to know the truth about my art, in few years, I will bring out a book called " the bipolar diaries", in wich i describe in very detailed way how i came to ideas and what is my philosophy of art, wich circumstances lead to thouse darkness of my early works. So another extraordinary man is ready to conquer the world of your imagination- this man is me!